Sunday, November 9, 2008

About Me

I have quickly become a sort of PR person for myself, trying to get my name as a reputable product reviewer out there for others to see. I have made some great connections already and looking to up the "ante" so to speak and include product reviews on tech toys including cell phones, cameras, laptops and video recorders. My reviews are on my blog at The Dirty Shirt

Learning my way around the social networking crowd, and enjoying all the people I meet. Will work on networking on a larger scale by next year where I hope to travel to some major blogging and networking events.


Writer for my product review blog The Dirty Shirt
Contributor in The Posh Parent parent network

This is me, my online identity. In the online world I am all over the place. I am on Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace as well as a ton of social networking sites, blogging communities and so much more. I am a social butterfly, who takes blogging seriously, loves to meet new people and sees just how much talent there is in the world. In the online world I am a carefree person. I open up (maybe too much) on my blog The Dirty Shirt (where you are now) and love to get comments on my oh so funny posts (lol) Now if I can just find that one person or company that I can join up with that can make use of my socialness I would be oh so happy :-)

This is the real me. Jennifer. I am a 36 year old mother of three children ages 15, 9 and 16 months. I homeschool my two oldest kids in the 4th and 10th grades and I love being their teacher and experiencing the joy of learning all over again. Well most of it anyway ;-)

I have been happily married to my husband for 10 years and have been with him for 14 years. He is my rock and without him I think I would be lost. We have a beautiful family and everyday is an adventure.

I am an active social networker. I discovered blogging about 5 months ago and have been addicted ever since. I take pride in my blog and tend to keep it more G rated with the occasional NC17 rant or post thrown in every now and then. I am a member of a plethora of blogging groups.

I am a product reviewer for a few family and mom groups as well as searching on my own for awesome products to review. (Have one? Send me an email at thedirtyshirtblog(at)gmail(dot)com and I will get you on the schedule) I love this aspect of my blog because through it I have run across products for my family that I didn’t know were out there.

Through my blogging and social networking I have met some wonderful women who I have forged great friendships with. Again without blogging I would probably have never met them.