Monday, September 29, 2008

Back From My Much Needed Break

Ahhh I soooo needed that mini vacay! My husband and I had a blast and were very happy to be alone. He took me to the Hard Rock Hotel @ Universal Orlando. And yes for those reading my blog it is just right down the street from where I live but actually staying there was great! We went to Universal Studios and got fast passed on every ride (one of the benefits of staying on property in one of their hotels is to be able to jump in the fast pass (front of the line) line and by pass the wait).After going on everything once we went back to the room for a nap (had a bad night with Little A the night before and only had 2 hours of sleep) but of course with it being a hotel I couldn’t sleep as our neighbors had loud kids (just my luck lol). We had a great dinner at their pool bar (get the steak quesadilla’s if you ever go, they ROCK!!!) then back to the room to get ready to hit CityWalk. Here is a picture to show what a beautiful day it was:

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is a letter of goodbye, I am sad to see you go. You have been with me through thick (not so much) and thin. I must let you go, I have held on for far too long. My hopes and dreams will not be met at this time. But never fear, I WILL get another you someday in the not too distant future (hopefully). You were my favorite pair of jeans but after the birth of Little A I just can’t squeeze my booty into you anymore. I have cried over this fact but I will rectify it!!! So it is with great sadness I say adios to you, my wonderful blue jeans. May you find a new home at my garage sale…..don’t look back…’s painful enough…….goodbye……i will miss you…….

See the pain I am going through packing? LOL!!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One Of Those UGH! Moments

Well it’s official. We are finally moving. Found a new place in the area and now it’s time to pack.

UGH!!!! There it is, my Ugh! moment. Looking around my home I realize that we are pack rats. I say we, but if my hubby saw this he would say "It’s all you baby!" and I agree it is. But watching pieces of your life get thrown away in 15 (yes I said 15) xtra large yard trash bags makes me want to cry.

We are losing some space in the new place but the backyard is ginormous!!!! So that makes me happy. Makes the kiddos happy too because now they can run themselves ragged. But now I am faced with the icky task of packing up this house and looking around all I can say is "I don’t want to."

So why am I sharing all this with you? Because I may be a little slow with card dropping (which has been eating up ALOT of my time anyway). I will always respond to comments made on my blog but it may be done a little slower. Just for the next few weeks. We will be moving on Oct. 4th so it’s time to get my booty in gear, end this chapter of our lives and begin writing a new one :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Necklace Incident

Okay so on Saturday my hubby and I try to just relax and enjoy the day. He grills steak on the grill we have wine and chill. I was laying on the floor playing with the baby (she was using me as a jungle gym climbing all over the place).

Now I have a necklace that Big A picked out for me for my Mother’s Day gift when she was 4. It is a very thin gold chain with little grooves in it. Well during our play time it got caught on the carpet. It started choking me when I tried to pull up but not wanting to break it I just layed there.

Hubby comes in the room and asks what I was doing (Little A was done playing with me and had moved on) still laying on the floor and for some reason (probably the wine) I started laughing hysterically. With each laugh the necklace pulled and when I could finally catch my breath enough between the laughing fits I was able to tell him that I was stuck. And guess what he did……..

What any man would probably have done. He went and got the camera. (NO pictures will be shown here due to the not so attractive angles he was taking them at.) INSTEAD of helping me he was laughing at me and snapping pictures. The nerve….

When he had had enough of his fun he finally helped me by reaching back and unhooking it. He helped me up and then asked if I was okay. Finally he asks lol!!!! It was funny and every time I picture it in my mind I start laughing all over again. Have you ever been in a situation where your hubby just laughed at you? Please share!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Must Find The Switch.....

to turn my mind off at night!!!!!!

I am the type of person that needs to go to bed about 2 hours before I will fall asleep just so I can run everything down in my mind and turn it off. I had insomnia before Little A was born, her not sleeping through the night for the last 13 months hasn’t helped (and pray for me please tonight is the first night with no formula lol) and I feel it coming back on.

Last night was no different. Went upstairs at 8:30 to just catch up on some tv and relax (baby was sleeping at this time) My son comes in at 9:15 to say good night and says the following in a small conversation with me. "My girlfriend", (a big ugh on that one) "can’t wait to move out of her house. She can’t stand her mom." (What????? Is it possible that my girls will grow to hate me?!?) I say "She isn’t moving in with us, that’s for sure." He says, "Oh I know we will be moving out when I am 18 so we can have our own place. I want to be able to party." At this point I can feel my heart beating in my chest and my blood starting to boil. I try to calmly say "You can’t be looking forward to partying, you are too young to do that." Meanwhile pictures of horrible things happening start playing through my mind (I am also a paranoid mom lol) He then says, "Don’t worry I have no interest in drinking I will probably smoke though." Now he tells me this as he is leaving my room.

When he closes the door tears well up in my eyes. See I am having one hell of a hard time letting go. I have slowly started trying, but man I never thought it would be this hard. And of course he left me (and my mind) with 5,000 new things to think about, which allowed me to go to sleep at 2am, just in time for the baby to wake up. UGH!!!!!!

I have got to figure out a way to just stop worrying and let go. I need to find a way to get sleep. I look like the walking dead. Massive black bags under my eyes. LOL So fun!!!!