Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Necklace Incident

Okay so on Saturday my hubby and I try to just relax and enjoy the day. He grills steak on the grill we have wine and chill. I was laying on the floor playing with the baby (she was using me as a jungle gym climbing all over the place).

Now I have a necklace that Big A picked out for me for my Mother’s Day gift when she was 4. It is a very thin gold chain with little grooves in it. Well during our play time it got caught on the carpet. It started choking me when I tried to pull up but not wanting to break it I just layed there.

Hubby comes in the room and asks what I was doing (Little A was done playing with me and had moved on) still laying on the floor and for some reason (probably the wine) I started laughing hysterically. With each laugh the necklace pulled and when I could finally catch my breath enough between the laughing fits I was able to tell him that I was stuck. And guess what he did……..

What any man would probably have done. He went and got the camera. (NO pictures will be shown here due to the not so attractive angles he was taking them at.) INSTEAD of helping me he was laughing at me and snapping pictures. The nerve….

When he had had enough of his fun he finally helped me by reaching back and unhooking it. He helped me up and then asked if I was okay. Finally he asks lol!!!! It was funny and every time I picture it in my mind I start laughing all over again. Have you ever been in a situation where your hubby just laughed at you? Please share!!!!

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