Sunday, November 9, 2008


These are the awesome mom blogging communities that I am a part of. Check them all out!

This is one of my favorite communities. The two women that started this place of Poshness are very kind, caring people. Clarissa and Jen really take the time to get to know the members and to help out in any way they can. Being a member there makes me feel like I don’t get “lost in the crowd” like I do at some other places. And while some of the members here are in other groups with me I feel like I have gotten to know them a little better. If you too want to be a Posh Parent please check them out and sign up I would love to welcome you into the Posh Parent family :-)

Beautiful! Fabulous! is an awesome community of women who believe in Beautiful and Fabulous things. The women running this place are also caring women who make sure that no member goes unnoticed and they are chock full of information on everything from the best clothes and shoes to advice on various topics. So if you want to be Beautiful! and Fabulous! then head on over and sign up right away, you don’t want to miss out on anything!!!!!

Mom Bloggers Club (or MBC as it is so fondly known as) was the very first community that I joined when I started blogging. The women (and man) who are a part of this community are very dear people. They helped me out, showed me around and introduced me to a whole new world. I knew the internet was huge but the scope of that hit me after exploring through everyone’s blogs. So please check out MBC to have the best experience to add to your blogging :-)

Posh mama is a community where all women come together to showcase their stores, shoppes and talent. This place was the second place I ran across when I was new to blogging and I can’t thank the Top Posh Mama herself for taking the time out of her day to acknowledge that I was there and thanked me for being an active part in the community. That made me want to be that active in all my other groups. So if you want to be a Posh Mama head on over and check them out :-)

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