Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Watch Out She Bites

Funny I never thought I would hear those words coming from my mouth about my daughter. A dog maybe but not my precious Little A. But that is exactly what I am having to tell people now. I know all kids go through this phase (well maybe not all Big A was never a biter but Josh was) and it too shall pass. I know she doesn't do it out of anger on a regular basis she usually latches her teeth on someone cheek when she is trying to be affectionate. She may think she is giving kisses.
I really am not sure but last night was a bad one.

See Josh picked her up to kiss her and the next thing he is screaming (and Josh doesn't usually do that) He couldn't pry her off his face. At first I was trying not to laugh and then I saw that she really was latched on to his cheek. Finally after prying her away from and sticking my fingers into the corner of her mouth (dangerous job indeed!) We made her stop biting. Josh had welts in the shape of a little "O" on his cheek. But she is so cute he forgave her :-)

Does anyone have a "biter" too? Any horror stories with that? Please share with me so I know I am not alone!


Firefly said...

You're not alone...LOL I have a what I like to say a late biter here...my girl is 3.5 and thats the new trend here LOL And worst of all I don't know how to deal with it...she only does it when she doesn't get what she wants, now this is all new...oh terrible 3's :)

I didn't know you had another blog...it's so cool I added your button :) thanks for putting mine up here too :)

Kristen Andrews said...

like the new site!

Rebecca Cruz said...

Gracey was a minor biter and so was Alex. They would pretend to give want to give you some love and at the last minute turn their heads a bite for dear life.. you might be able to break it like I did a minor little bite back to show her what it feels like. Ok Im not saying bite the crapola but something to the pt she gets it you know.. By the way ABBY is BEAUTIFUL!! I wish you would send some more pics of the kids.. I miss you guys so much!! 4 more weeks and Im off to the ARCTIC so pray for me!! Love ya Rebecca

Kristen Andrews said...

key you have an award at my site.