Saturday, September 13, 2008

One Of Those UGH! Moments

Well it’s official. We are finally moving. Found a new place in the area and now it’s time to pack.

UGH!!!! There it is, my Ugh! moment. Looking around my home I realize that we are pack rats. I say we, but if my hubby saw this he would say "It’s all you baby!" and I agree it is. But watching pieces of your life get thrown away in 15 (yes I said 15) xtra large yard trash bags makes me want to cry.

We are losing some space in the new place but the backyard is ginormous!!!! So that makes me happy. Makes the kiddos happy too because now they can run themselves ragged. But now I am faced with the icky task of packing up this house and looking around all I can say is "I don’t want to."

So why am I sharing all this with you? Because I may be a little slow with card dropping (which has been eating up ALOT of my time anyway). I will always respond to comments made on my blog but it may be done a little slower. Just for the next few weeks. We will be moving on Oct. 4th so it’s time to get my booty in gear, end this chapter of our lives and begin writing a new one :-)

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