Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Settled and Fun Stuff

Yeah we are finally all settled in our new place :-) Took almost a full week but we managed to get everything unpacked and put away. We still have stuff to buy and things to organize but at least now we can function. Little A has already fallen and split her lip (and I almost passed out from too much blood) and found out that she can’t throw her head back during a fit because she won’t find carpet anymore she will find a hardwood floor. She is having a problem adjusting. Too many new things at once I guess but man I am missing so much sleep I look like a zombie.

Speaking of zombies, my husband and I were able to sneak away and join my sister and his brother (they are married too) at Universal’s annual Halloween Horror Nights. Let me just say I hate scary stuff but we have been going since the very first one and its a tradition. I do not go into the houses because they scare me too much but my favorite thing to do is sit and have a drink or two and watch all the people walking by get scared from the “monsters” jumping out at them. I fell victim to at least 4 that came from no where and had me screaming (and spilling my drink! grr!!) It was fun but boy did I pay for it afterwards. We went to bed at 1am and Little A woke up at 3. But it was worth getting away for a bit.

So many exciting and new things going on with me here and in some of my communities. Will post more soon but stayed with me as things really get rolling. Lots of great reviews and giveaways coming up, plus all that boring stuff about me lol :-)

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