Friday, October 3, 2008

This Weekend

The time has arrived….moving day!!!! Can I just say that I am beat already and really not looking forward to today and tomorrow. But I must continue on, for if I sit still for just one second I won’t move again! Special shout out thanks goes to my Little A for allowing me only 1 1/2 hours sleep last night, this should be a fun day :-) Love you Little A (muwaaah) Kids….whatareyougonnado?

So I will more than likely not be around this weekend. I plan to get everything over to the new place and hook stuff up this evening and Saturday morning. Hope to be back up no later than Sunday but I just don’t know how things will go. I will be sure to get cards dropped, social networks visited and get the ball rolling on exciting giveaways and reviews as well as my “big news”. Stay tuned :-)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, and if your having some wine please have a glass for me it might help me relax a bit :-)

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