Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Whew thankfully the major part of the move is over. What a pain in the behind, now we just need to make this place more normal. Big props goes out to my hubby, who knows how much my computer means to me. After busting his butt all day and picking things up he actually cleared a path to my newly set up desk and got everything connected for me while I was attempting to get our bedroom in order. What a surprise that was. Sadly though I fell asleep in the room so I didn’t know until today!! LOL But it proved to me that he cares about what I like doing :-)

No injuries related to moving, except my brother. He came back to the new place with a fat, bleeding lip and I imagined that the refrigerator came flying down the ramp and hit him in the mouth or that maybe a box corner caught him in the face. But it wasn’t any of that, nope, it was a wrestling match between him and my son (like how did they have the energy for that? why would they do that? ugh boys) So yeah, they were wrestling and my son accidentally elbowed him in the face, which put my brothers tooth through his lip and into my sons arm. Yep he came back bleeding too. LOL I swear……

So yeah I am back into the swing of things, will be at computer on and off for the next few days while I get this place in order but I have alot of catching up to do. Look for 2 reviews coming up and an exciting giveaway will be posted later today, it should perk you up :-)

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