Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from Vacation

Well we have reached that sad time when vacation is over and we get back to reality. I was ready for it. The baby was good but had her moments and it’s hard dealing with a squirming baby (especially when it rains lol). But we had a real good time. Much needed I say.

Friday we just stayed at the hotel and it was alot of fun. So much to do and its always fun staying on Disney property. Saturday we went to Animal Kingdom where it was sooooooo hot and there were soooooo many people. We didn’t get to go on much and while in a show it started to storm so when we got out it was pouring. That pretty much decided that we were going back to the hotel.

That night Rob and I took the kids to a fancy restaurant for our Anniversary dinner. Best food I have had in a long time (well, besides Rob’s steaks & chicken) and it was a very enjoyable experience. The baby was good and the other two kids didn’t fight. The waiter was on top of the ball and very friendly. Overall a very nice time. Very relaxed now. Back to reality……

Now we have to buckle down and get going. We will be moving August 1st so I need to get on the ball here and get packing. And have Big A & Little A’s birthday parties in the middle. Oh well I can do it I am super mom right?!? :-)

Anyway I am back and will be popping on here and there regularly again. Need to finish SYTYCD on the DVR so will post that tomorrow.

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