Friday, June 13, 2008

Wow Life Can Come At You Fast

Yesterday started out normal, well normal if you consider a baby waking you at 3am and not going back to sleep, normal for me. My sister usually calls everyday at 8am but my phone rang at 7:15. Turns out she was in the hospital and needed me to watch her babies so she could have surgery for a ruptured hernia. Well duh! I can watch your kids.

So I had a mini day care going here yesterday. My 3 and her 2, what a mad house. But I made it through with little more than a headache and thankfully my sister is gonna be ok.

But it made me stop and think. Life can really throw you for a loop sometimes. I mean you sit here and think of all the things you need to accomplish in a day and when something happens it all comes to a screeching halt. I for one really wish we didn’t have to pack our days full of things that need to get done, when you do life passes you by.

Ok enough of my ramblings. A saying I saw awhile ago is perfect for now. It is:

Your alive…… so live.

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