Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Big A & Little A

We had the girls birthday party this past weekend and it was hectic but we had a very enjoyable time. Big A got a ton of Camp Rock stuff so she is very happy (and I like seeing the Jo Bros around lol) She had a small accident though when she spilled the BBQ sauce from the crock pot on her hand. She was miserable for a bit but then when I mentioned opening presents she perked right on up lol. But she had fun swimming and hanging with the family.

Little A had no clue what to make of all the people and the noise levels in and out of the house. She too had fun (after I let her take off her "1" crown which she didn’t like) She got a ton of stuff. Her favorite though was the tissue paper she got in all her gift bags lol Seriously I really believe to just buy a empty box and she would be happy.

She did get an interesting gift though. I found a packet of Tylenol Sinus medicine and a cough drop in one of her gifts. I looked at the wrapping and saw that it was from my mother. Everyone started laughing while my mom explained that when she was wrapping the gift she knocked her purse over and the medicine landed in the box apparently. LOL We all got a kick out of that.

The grand finale was of course to let the baby play in her cake. Wow did she ever make a mess. She had purple icing everywhere. She was shy at first and looked at me like "Umm why are you putting this cake in front of me"? Then she started digging right on in there. When we started to laugh she started clapping which sent icing everywhere.

The weekend was a fun one and it was great to see some friends we haven’t seen in awhile. And for all those wondering how my "wine" was, you know the Bottle O’ Bitch, it was very good. Personally I think it would have tasted awesome with turkey. I don’t know why that came to mind but I will try it again at Thanksgiving time and stick to my Cabs and Merlots for the sipping kind :-) Thank you to those who have wished the girls a Happy Birthday I appreciate it :-)

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