Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So I was in my room last night and Big A came up and said "Mom, I have figured out my kids names" To which I replied a very loud "HUH?!?" (she is only 8 lol) I started to tell her that she was waaaaaaaaayyyyy to young to be even thinking about that when I suddenly had a flash back to my youth (not sure about the age though) and I remember saying that my sister and I would marry brothers and we would each have 4 kids and I had a list of names but nothing concrete.

Well my sister and I DID marry brothers and I came up one shy of the amount of children I wanted. So I guess my morale of this story is that you can have what you dream about when your a little girl………let’s just make it that she doesn’t get that dream for a very large number of years yet

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