Thursday, July 17, 2008

Me And My Vent

This is me. No, not the real me. But a version of me (this one is my Wee Me) This is however where I want to be. On a beach with a drink in one hand and my DS in the other (although my current game is on the PSP but I don’t want to change the image lol)

I know I am not the only one wanting a vacay. I just came back from a 3 day at Disney but we do that all the time. (Disney is about 20 minutes from my house) I want to do a beach vacation. Sanibel would be nice if we couldn’t leave Florida, but I dream of Hawaii.

Of course that would mean I would have to actually fly somewhere. And between my fear and the cost of things these days all I can do is dream. But I am putting it on the list of "Must Dos".

I am in one of my "funks" with having to deal with a raging hormonal teen boy, who ever since he got his license is all "Mom can I drive now?" and his problems (as if lol), Big A needs glasses and she should have had them all along , so now I feel like a terrible mom because I didn’t know she needed them (Big A is not a complainer at all and just for this one time I wish she had complained.) I mean really how am I supposed to know what is going on with her if she doesn’t tell me? She will have a headache or stomach for hours before she makes it known to us. But I feel horrible about this. And my Little A….ah my precious baby. She is so much like me that it was funny in the beginning but now not so much She’s my little fighter :-)

See this is what is so great about blogging. I vented (sorry) and now I feel better. Now whoever visits The Dirty Shirt will read my vent and join me in a good hearty laugh :-) I mean really after reading back through this, these aren’t reasons to be stressed when so many others are worse off.

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