Friday, August 1, 2008

Babies Are So Fast!!!!!


I am in total shock at how fast Little A is. Here is what happened….

I am at my desk which faces away from the living room. Little A is getting cranky as she missed her afternoon nap so I stop what I am doing, walk over to where she is to see if she has a bottle. She doesn’t so I tell her I am going to make another one (like she knew what I was saying) And I go into the kitchen right around the corner from where she is.

Now making a bottle of formula takes what? 1 - 2 minutes tops. Ok in that time she was one really sneaky little thing.

I come back around the corner, to see my little angel standing there with no diaper on and some strange looking crap (literally) smeared on the floor and the wall, along with a big puddle of something on the floor. UGH!!!!!!!

I say WTH and call for my son to grab her and hold her still, I run into the kitchen for paper towels, Big A runs upstairs to laughingly tell her Dad that Little A was playing in her poop (to which I promptly tell her that it isn’t funny, not one little bit). After cleaning it all up I threw (not really but I certainly didn’t hold her against me) her in the tub and gave her a good scrubbing. After getting her dressed for night night she very quickly fell asleep.

Life’s hard when you create poop art. It can wipe (haha) you out :-)

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