Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ok Fay...Go Away!!!

Ugh I hate rain, yeah I know it’s good for the grass and all that jazz but man 3 days straight of rain just really sucks!!!! And the dull, grey skies are doing nothng to help my mood. The kids are going stir crazy, and I am almost willing to put them outside in the wind and rain lol

All this rain has brought the froggies out and I was reminded how much Big A dislikes them. When she was little hubby showed her a giant frog that was stuck on the wall near the doorknob for the front door. We had just come home from dinner and it was dark out. She couldn’t see it too well so she got closer which I guess spooked the frog and made it jump right on her face. I mean the dang thing completely covered her little face. She started screaming and running around in circles trying to get it off of her. Finally after a minute or two it just jumped away, but to her it seemed like an hour (or so she said lol). I laugh about it now but my heart broke because it scared her. Now I won’t even go near one for fear it will do that to me too :-)

On another note looks like we will be finally getting our act together to move within the next month or so. I will add that to my list of things to do. Hubby just finished the "BIG" project that he has been programming for for over a year now, so the stress is off and he can now focus on our move :-)

Getting ready to head on over to Posh Point of View for the launch party for Nola Meadows Studio Join me in helping Jen have a great start to a great business :-)

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