Monday, August 4, 2008

Playing A Video Game and Ran Across This

First let me set my frame of mind up for you all. I have recently been having trouble with my 15 year old son. Nothing too extreme just the typical I am a teen now pulling away from the mom stuff. Breaks my heart that the kids are growing up so fast and I have been trying without success to hang on to his youth. As with typical teens he complains and doesn’t want to do his chores, hates homework (which sucks for him seeing as he is homeschooled lol) and wants to see his girlfriend (his what?????) all the time. And he likes to consider himself an adult SIGH

So fast forward to my game playing. I am playing an awesome RPG game on the Sony PSP that I am just loving. It is called Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology a Namco Bandi game. Well, as I was playing there was some conversation between two of the players that just struck me on a much deeper level than just playing a video game should have (although I am extrememly passionate about gaming) Below is the snippet that really spoke to me.

"No matter how old, someone who sees the world as a prison and wastes their life complaining is just a kid. And no matter how young, someone who knows how to free themselves is a real grown-up"

I showed this to my son which he didn’t get until I explained what it said to me. Do not go through life complaining especially about things only you yourself can change. I have been in pretty crappy situations before and I was the only one able to pull myself out of it and free myself. I certainly didn’t just sit there complaining. And always know that things may be tough for you now but there is ALWAYS somone else who is worse off.

So thank you to whoever wrote the conversation between those two characters. It said alot to me and I hope it speaks to others as well.

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