Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good Movie

Big A and I watched a real good, funny movie tonight. I was suprised it was so good but any movie that can make me laugh like crazy and then make me cry is a good one in my opinion. It was Disney’s College Road Trip.

When Big A popped it in I was like okay I can get through this, but oh my gosh did I enjoy it. And oh my gosh did it make me ball. I have found out that I am sooooooo not ready to even think about this time in my kids life. Funny too because right at that precise moment my son was late coming back from being out, Big A was crying and Little A was sleeping in my lap. The range of emotions going through me was intense.

But I am all better now (all cried out (good song from the 80s btw) lol) and am here to say if you haven’t seen it yet go ahead and get it now. You won’t be sorry. And if your anything like me then make sure you have some kleenex nearby :-)

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