Sunday, August 10, 2008

Little A Is Walking!!!

It started with her just trying to stand up and then I called to her and she looked up at me and smiled and then she let go of the chair and walked 9 steps to get to me. I cried :-) I can’t believe she is already doing this. She is growing up so fast. Love my little angel :-)

Gearing up for school to start again. This year I am introducing lapbooking to the kids. Big A is all excited about trying something new. She loves scrapbooking so she thinks this is an awesome concept (yes she even used the word concept lol) So I now will be scouring the net to find some lapbook ideas. I am excited to do this with her. Of course the son looked at me like I was crazy saying "I ain’t (I know it’s a word but it drives me nuts when he uses it) cutting and pasting anything. I am not 2." To which I just laughed at him and walked away. Still has to learn that what I say goes LOL :-)

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