Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do You Ever Feel?

Do you ever feel that you haven’t done enough in this lifetime? I am not sure how all this will come out but I guess I have been in a funk today. My son is almost an adult, Big A is becoming her own person now and it’s just me and Little A. All of that has hit me like a truck. Of course the hubby is there too but I am happy and content in my marriage the only thing we need to work on is spending more time together. I guess what I am worried about is losing my identity, my mom-ness (I know thats not a word but it fits lol).

Like for instance, there are so many talented moms I have been running across lately, and it makes me wonder where my talent is. I can’t sew, I am not all that creative, sure I have been known to have bursts of creativity but nothing major, and aside from my blogging friends I am kept pretty busy and lack that "adult interaction".

I have always said that my talent is being a mom, but many women share that with me, that doesn’t make me unique. I need to reflect on what makes And I need to find something that I can accomplish so I can step back and be proud of myself. Don’t get me wrong I am proud to be a mom its been my whole life for a very long time. I wanted to be that way back when I would take care of my dolls.

I would like to hear from others who may feel the same and maybe we can offer an ear and support. I am blessed to have what I have. I know there are others hurting right now in ways I can’t even imagine.

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