Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh Where, O Where Did My Pancake Go?

Oh my gosh reality came up and smacked me upside the head!!!!

Now it’s been 8 years since Big A had her first tantrum, but she had the most perfect (yep I said perfect) tantrums I have ever seen. We called her tantrums the "Pancake". When she didn’t get something or got mad she would quietly fling herself face first into the ground with her arms and legs spread out and just lay there. If we were out shopping we would just pick her up and it would be over, if we were at home we would just leave her there and she would eventually get over it and get back up.

Little A is the COMPLETE opposite. When she is mad she will let me know, and when she throws a tantrum she rolls all over the place. She hasn’t yet had one in public so I am not sure how that will go, however, my hopes that she too would just pancake eventually were completely dashed last night.

She had a 15 minute scream fest in our living room complete with throwing her head back and forth, rolling everywhere and pulling her little car walker on her head. We just sat there watching her with our mouths hanging open. Hubby grabbed the video camera and caught the last 5 minutes of it which captured her throwing her hands back and grabbing the handle on her car and then she pulled it on her head (duh!!!!).

The best part is while she was still throwing the fit he played the tape on tv and she got quiet right away. She was looking at the screen like "Who is this person and what are they doing?" Then on the tape she screamed so loud that it scared the "her" watching and she started to cry. I picked her up to comfort her (it was a different cry that the fit throwing one I know she was really scared lol) and she passed out in my arms.

So, again I sadly ask, "Oh where, oh where has my pancake gone?"

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