Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Watch Out For The Flying Bottle!!!!!!

Okay, whoever said getting a child to drink real milk instead of formula was easy? Please speak up so I can invite you to my home and you can see first hand just how NOT easy this step in parenting a baby is.

My typical morning starts out like every other morning. I give Little A her breakfast, usually Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and some other type of fruit. Afterwards, I clean her up and set her in the living room with her toys and she always wants a bottle (weaning from that will be my next fun (NOT!) story for you all)

Here’s where I think I am being all smart and sneaky. I make a half and half bottle (half formula and half milk) I shake it all up and walk into the room. As soon as she sees me she lowers her head and glares at me with her eyes half open. I quickly hand her the bottle (lest my arm gets ripped off for how fast she grabs it) she tilts her head back, puts the bottle in her mouth and BAM! it happens.

The bottle is flung within a millimeter of my face, her eyes turn red (I swear to you they do) and she opens her mouth and screams at me, "How dare you try to pull a fast one on me?" Well, ok she doesn’t really say that it’s more like "Gaa gaa goo goo ga ga!!!!!" But she screams none the less. And then we begin our day of me trying really, really hard not to give in to her and just give her all formula. It never works. I get a headache from her crying and it breaks my heart. She is my last baby and I want her to stay a baby (did I really just say that?)

Well wish me luck I am heading back into the baby bottle zone to have our afternoon fight, because I just can’t get enough milk/formula showers in a day!!!!

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