Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Three Day Weekend

So here we are 4 days away from the start of school. Looking forward to it even if it is more work for me. Big A is looking forward to learning more and I think J (son) is looking forward to school just being completely over lol. Little A has taken to standing on her head now, I have no idea why but boy does she like it and she thinks it is so funny and usually ends up laughing her self off balance. Whatever floats her boat :-)

Trying to learn CSS here and there (which omg is not easy) cause I wanted to add some stuff to my site but I guess that will have to wait. LOL a few days ago I posted about not having much to do and feeling down and now I got tons of stuff going on. One of which will come about in a month or so. I am super excited about it. Pkayfit gave some advice that said "something will cross my heart" and I have to say it did. Big A and I were working on something together and it hit me. The rest of the story will come when I launch our idea, if I tell you now it won’t be a suprise :-)

Thank you to all my blogging buddies for coming here and reading my musings. I have met a ton of super women through the blogging world and you have all touched and changed my life for the better :-) I hope you all have a very good weekend.

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